How to plan for splitting a novel into a series?

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Splitting or expanding your novel into a series is a big step.

  1. Make each book stand alone.
  2. Don’t leave the plot hanging. Find the perfect point to split your plot. Use cliffhangers wisely.
  3. Make sure your characters are compelling.

How do you plan a novel series?

How to plot a book series: 8 steps

  1. Find your Central Idea.
  2. Brainstorm key plot points for each book.
  3. List ideas for each book’s end goal and the series.
  4. Decide on the broad setting of your series.
  5. Study successful series’ plot structure for insights.
  6. Brainstorm characters who will carry your series.

How do you separate a novel into parts?

7 Tips for Determining Chapter Breaks

  1. Create an outline. …
  2. Create a promise in every chapter. …
  3. End with a cliffhanger. …
  4. Practice rewriting chapter beginnings and endings. …
  5. Approach each chapter with a specific goal. …
  6. Start chapters with a sense of urgency. …
  7. Don’t switch POV in the middle of a chapter.

How do you structure a novel trilogy?

Planning Each Novel in Your Trilogy:

  1. First Book: Starts with the Hook, ends with the First Plot Point.
  2. Second Book: Contains the Midpoint, ends with the Third Plot Point.
  3. Third Book: Ends with the Climax and Resolution.

How many books should be in a series?

A book series can be two books or 50 books and counting. It all depends on what type of story you’re telling and how long it takes you to tell that story.

What are 4 books in a series called?

A tetralogy (from Greek τετρα- tetra-, “four” and -λογία -logia, “discourse”), also known as a quadrilogy, is a compound work that is made up of four distinct works.

What makes a good book series?

Every good book has well-developed characters, an engrossing plot, and a healthy dose of conflict, but a good book series demands all of that and so much more. A series makes a promise: it promises that readers will enjoy a richer, more evolved experience as it progresses.

How many chapters should a novel have?

As a general rule, novels between 70,000 and 90,000 words will probably have anywhere between 15 and 25 chapters. But in the end, the number of chapters in your book should be secondary to your story.

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How many pages should a chapter be?

There are no rules when it comes to chapter length. The important thing is to concentrate on making your chapters fit your story, not on making your story fit your chapters. Many novelists these days prefer chapters that are between 1,500 words—or six book pages— and 8,000 words, or 32 book pages.

Why do authors split books into parts?

Some incidents may be separated from others in time or in space. Some may place the protagonist in different places, circumstances, or with different characters. The larger the break in continuity between scenes, the greater the need for the author to signal the change to the reader.

What is the best length for a book series?

If you had to come up with a number, only 3% of the readers thought a series should last between 10 to 15 books. 6% thought 3 to 5 was the perfect series length. A much larger 12% decided 5 to 10 books was just right.

What is a series of novels called?

A novel sequence is a set or series of novels which share common themes, characters, or settings, but where each novel has its own title and free-standing storyline, and can thus be read independently or out of sequence.

How do you name a novel in a series?

Here’s how to come up with book title ideas:

  1. Use a book title generator tool.
  2. Write down the problem you’re solving.
  3. Create a subtitle to clarify.
  4. Make it memorable.
  5. Make sure it’s genre-appropriate.
  6. Create it to stir intrigue.
  7. Include your character in the title.
  8. Get feedback from your target audience.

How do you pick a series name?

What Makes a Good Series Overall Title?

  1. Search Engines. The title must be easy for search engines to find. …
  2. Character Name v. Topical Titles. …
  3. General enough, yet specific enough. …
  4. Short, snappy. …
  5. Fun.
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How do you come up with a trilogy name?

The MLA Style Center

When a trilogy is published in one volume with a title of its own, the course of action is clear: italicize the title of the trilogy as if it were a work. Naguib Mahfouz’s The Cairo Trilogy, containing the novels Palace Walk, Palace of Desire, and Sugar Street, is an example.

What is a good book title?

The title, including the subtitle, should give the reader some sort of idea of what the book is about. People aren’t going to do your work for you; the easier you make it for them to understand the subject, the more likely you are to draw in the people who’d find your book interesting.

What are the 8 parts of a book?

These are the parts of a book you need & what we’ll cover in detail for you:

  • Book Cover.
  • Title Page.
  • Copyright.
  • Table of Contents.
  • Dedication.
  • Foreword.
  • Prologue.
  • Epilogue.

What should I call my book?

What should I name my story? You should name your story with a title that’s relevant, marketable, eye-catching, and genre-related. Make sure a casual reader knows by the title whether your book is non-fiction, adult fantasy, short story, romance, memoir, middle grade, etc.

How do you begin a novel?

How to Write a Good Hook & Start Your Novel with a Bang!

  1. Startle readers with the first line. …
  2. Begin at a life-changing moment. …
  3. Create intrigue about the characters. …
  4. Use a setting as the inciting incident. …
  5. Up the stakes within the first few pages. …
  6. Introduce something ominous right away. …
  7. Set the mood.

What makes a good novel opening?

The first lines of a novel or short story must grab the reader’s attention, enticing them to continue past the first page and continue reading. The first sentence provides you with an opportunity to showcase your writing style, introduce your main character, or establish the inciting incident of your narrative.

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Are most novels written in first person?

I know this topic may cause some angst, but while most submissions I receive from new writers are drafted in first person, the majority of published novels are written in third.

What makes a good ending to a novel?

Resolution: An ending must always wrap up and resolve the central conflict you laid out in the beginning of the novel. A reader should walk away with a feeling that the story is complete. Transformation: A story’s ending should bring a powerful close to your character development.

How do you end a first book in a series?

Here are six ways to end a book in a series.

  1. Make it a forgone conclusion: …
  2. Leave the boss villain in play: …
  3. Cliffhanger it: …
  4. Shut the door, but open a window: …
  5. Include the first chapter of the next book: …
  6. Don’t transition, create a standalone with close ties:

Can you end a story with a quote?

There are several reasons why when faced with a blank space at the end of a story, most reporters plug in a quote. One is expediency; it’s a quick and easy way to finish. produces a moment of sudden clarity.

Should you write the ending first?

Writing the ending first means that you always have a lifeline and, when you get lost, it will be easier for you to find your way back again. Remember that readers like destinations. They love beginnings, middles, and It can act like a checklist of the details in the ending you eventually want to reveal.

How do you end a story?

Seven Tips to Craft the Perfect Ending

  1. Find your ending in the beginning. …
  2. Completion goes hand-in-hand with hope. …
  3. Keep things fresh. …
  4. Make sure it’s really finished. …
  5. Last impressions matter. …
  6. Come full circle. …
  7. Leave some things unsaid. …
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