How to prevent seeming like a Marty Stu-ish villain is cheating?

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What is a Marty Stu character?

A Mary Sue is a type of fictional character, usually a young woman, who is portrayed as unrealistically free of weaknesses. Originating in fan fiction, a Mary Sue is often an author’s idealized self-insertion.

What makes a Gary Stu?

The average Stu is preternaturally buff, or at least stronger than he looks, and he is never overweight. He may or may not bother to train (Stus don’t merely exercise; they train) daily to keep himself so fit, but if he does, it will be for ridiculously long hours, with obscure or super-normal methods.

Can a story not have a protagonist?

Every single story has to have a protagonist, no matter what. Simply put, no protagonist = no plot. Remember, all other roles are defined in relation to the protagonist — so if you’re currently planning a story, this should be the very first character you flesh out.

How do I stop being a Mary Sue?

So avoid writing a Sue/Stu character by going deep: ask big questions of your characters and give them unique flaws. Make sure to give them a strong, clear purpose in your story– a purpose that even your reader will be able to explain to their friends.

Is Batman a Marty Stu?

Batman is the biggest Marty Stu in comics : r/CharacterRant.

What is a male Mary Sue?

Mary Sue is most frequently used as a noun (a Mary Sue) or modifier (a Mary Sue story), although it may also sometimes appear as a verb, to Mary-Sue, meaning “to insert oneself into a fictional story/character.” Male Mary Sues are sometimes called Marty Stu or Gary Stu, often associated with James Bond and Superman.

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What does Mary Sue mean in anime?

A Mary Sue is an overpowered character whose abilities either break the established rules of the series in question or are so ridiculously OP that no series could possibly account for it. What’s more, everyone in the series adores this character, even if it’s not clear why that’s the case.

Is Wolverine a Mary Sue?

She relies on friends and loved ones to keep her balanced and directed, even as she inspires them to fly straighter and truer. The two most common criticisms of Wolverine are that he appears in too many comics, and that he is a Mary Sue. He has guest-appeared in a lot of comics, but as to the other? Let’s take stock.

What makes a character a Mary Sue?


Mary Sue is a derogatory criticism for a character that fits either or both of two character archetypes; 1: an author-insert character used for wish-fulfillment and/or 2: an idealized character who is talented at everything and has no meaningful flaws but may have a tragic backstory.

Why is Rey called Mary Sue?

Rey is a Mary Sue because she never fails in her ability to do difficult things. Despite being a novice, she becomes proficient at everything she attempts within minutes. However, Rey’s characterization isn’t about women being equal to men (which they are). Rey represents women who can achieve greater things than men.

What makes an OC a Mary Sue?

A “Mary Sue” is a character who is first introduced into the story as perfect and flawless in every way. They are physically flawless, and have an ideal mental state; they’re usually smart, strong, beautiful and above all, morally perfect.

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What is a Betty Sue?

Betty Sue was one of Francine’s high school schoolmates. She has orange hair and is overweight due to losing to Francine for Homecoming Queen election in “It’s Good to Be the Queen”. Francine’s old friend, Quacky, told her when she lost, she went into a Dunkin’ Donuts and never came out.

Is Hermione a Mary Sue?

In the films, however, Hermione basically has no flaws: She’s a Mary Sue. Mary Sue is a word used to describe a perfect character in a work of fiction.