How to sell novel excerpts as short stories?

Asked by: Bill Zuvers

Can a short story be an excerpt?

Even with some variations, your story will still be considered an excerpt from your book. And when creating your excerpt, keep in mind that the greatest number of literary journals accept short stories under 3,500 words.

Do short story collections sell?

A short story collection is often a tough sell to big national publishers. The writers who are most likely to score a paying book deal are usually those who have already built up their reputations via literary magazine publications. The opportunity to be nominated for a well-known award.

Do books of short stories sell?

Yes, it’s definitely possible to make money selling short stories. There are hundreds of websites and magazines that pay for short stories. You might not get rich selling your short stories, but this can be a great source of side income.

Can you turn a short story into a novel?

It’s actually pretty common for writers to turn a short story (or several) into a novel. Your only issues are about copyright. If you self-publish the stories, you of course retain the copyright.

Is it easier to publish a novel or short story?

Conclusion. Writing novels is fun, but they’re difficult to sell without an established audience. Writing short stories is almost as fun, and they’re much easier to create and sell. Building an audience should be every writer’s top priority.

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