How to sort out a confusing storyline?

Asked by: Greg Nepal

How to Avoid a Confusing Story

  1. Provide Clarity via Dramatic Tension.
  2. Maintain Clear Character Motivations.
  3. Reduce Points of View.
  4. Use Recapitulation Scenes.

How can confusing characters be avoided in a story?

If you are writing in third person, using an omniscient narrative voice, the narrator can simply assign different names to the characters. For instance, you can refer to Bob and Bob’s clone or clone-Bob or maybe Bob2.

What are 5 key steps to developing a storyline?

But for the sake of this exercise, let’s break these steps down separately and in order.

  • Identify and Understand Your Audience. …
  • Determine Your Goal. …
  • Discover the Challenge(s) …
  • Find the Right Character. …
  • Bring it to Resolution.

How can I make sure my story is good?


  1. Give your story strong dramatic content.
  2. Vary rhythm and structure in your prose.
  3. Create believable, memorable characters.
  4. Make the important story sections effective.
  5. Deepen your plot with subplots.
  6. Make every line of dialogue count.
  7. Add what makes a good story (immersive setting)
  8. Create conflict and tension.

What are a few things you should consider when creating your storyline?