How to write a love letter: the ultimate tutorial 2023

Although with the approach of Valentine’s Day the vast majority of people get more romantic than usual and think about writing a love letter to your partner, we think it should be a habit that we should do more regularly and not limit it to February 14. Undoubtedly, writing a letter is a unique detail to show your love to another person, in writing you can say things that would be much more difficult to say orally, historically it has been a way to declare yourself and to show your affection.

In literature there are many examples of love letters. For example, Pablo Neruda wrote intense letters to Matilde Urrutia. Also famous are those of Gustave Flaubert to Louise Colet or Jean Paul Sartre to Simone de Beauvoir. But not only writers, one of the most prodigious love letters known was written by Ludwig van Beethoven to his “Immortal Beloved”.

Who to write a love letter to?

Before we ask ourselves how to make a love letter, the fundamental question is to whom to write a love letter. It can be a love letter to my boyfriend, girlfriend or person I like, but does not pay much attention to me. But love is a universal feeling and it goes far beyond that. There are many types of love. You can write a love letter to a brother, a father or mother, a famous singer, a writer, a place or an object that you are passionate about, there are no limits and there can be many ideas to write a letter.

How to start writing a love letter

But let’s start step by step to give shape to that love letter.
Choose an inspiring and quiet place to think and write.

We will start with some first notes, a provisional draft of the love letter. To give it shape, we recommend a place without noise or disturbances, if it can be an inspiring place where you feel at ease and that evokes good times, so much the better.

The first thing you should know about how to write a love letter is that you don’t have to go far to find what you should show in it. The best love letters come from inside you, from your memory, your feelings and your desires. The best thing is that you make an exercise of sincerity, that you look for what you have inside you. If you really love that person and you like him or her, the words will come out.

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Practical exercise to write your love letter

To help you write a love letter we are going to propose an exercise based on a few sentences. Start writing down a couple of lines referring to the following suggestions for writing a love letter:

  • Remember the first time you saw him/her.
  • Describe a good time together.
  • What does his/her name suggest to you?
  • What was the day you laughed the most with him/her?
  • The place where you were and where you liked the most.
  • What do you like most about him?
  • Is there a special song for both of you?
  • A problem you overcame.
  • The nicest thing he said to you.
  • The nicest thing you would like to say to him.
  • Why do you want him to be in your life?
  • What has it been like to get to the present moment?
  • Describe your present with him.
  • How do you imagine the future with him?

You don’t have to look much further. If you have written a little about each of these topics, you will probably have a good love letter already developed. However, you can still improve it if you also add some of the following:

Metaphors. Do not tell things as they happened or are, try to use metaphors in your love letter, that is, reflect reality with a different concept, typical examples are calling the spring of life to youth or the girl with golden hair to a blonde girl. Of course, use this figure in a punctual way, do not overdo it either.

Poem. You can include a poem or special phrase. Ideally you could write it yourself, but don’t worry if you can’t, most people don’t write their own poems. You can use love poems by an author that you can relate to your love story or use a quote from a writer that you particularly like. Of course, quote the person who wrote it, you must always show sincerity, it is not right to copy without saying that it is from someone else. You have some phrases in 20 quotes from great writers about love. You can also use a fragment of a song that represents you or brings back good memories.

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How to make a love letter: the definitive form

You should already have a draft on a piece of paper or notebook. So far we have not given importance to the support, but beyond what you have written, we want the final document to be beautiful. It’s time to write the final love letter, so keep the following in mind:

  • Choose a nice paper. It can be a colored paper or a thicker paper.
  • Write by hand better than by computer and if it can be with a pen or similar much better.
  • Do not forget a symbolic heading. All letters begin with a Dear… or a Hello… Try to include a form that represents you, if you call each other in a specific way it can be ideal or also formulas such as “To my true love”.
  • Evocative beginning and emotional ending. Of all the ideas you have written down in your draft, choose two that you like especially, one will be to start the letter and have an attractive beginning, it can be a nice memory, and the other to give it an emotional ending, ideally looking to your future together.
  • Go linking the ideas you have in your previous writing with coherence and cohesion, that is, it must follow a storyline, which should be your love, relationship or the feelings you feel, without forgetting the connection, and is that all ideas are connected logically.
  • Sign the letter in your own handwriting.
  • Review everything and you see that there is any important typo that you can not correct possibly start again is best.
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You know how to write a love letter and you should have yours finished. If you want it to look better you can perfume it, put some ornaments and find a nice envelope. You can also roll it up in the style of a parchment. We will still have something very important left.

How to deliver a love letter

There are many ideas that come to mind to deliver that love letter that you have written with so much dedication. Surely you can also come up with something original. Our suggestions for delivering or sending a love letter are:

  • Upon waking up.
  • Send the letter with breakfast.
  • With a bouquet of flowers at work.
  • Leave it in a place at home that you frequently visit.
  • Put it in the bag without being noticed.
  • During a dinner.
  • Between the pages of a book.

New forms of love letters

So far we have talked about a traditional love letter, in our own handwriting and on paper. However, new technologies make it possible for you to send a love letter in other formats:

  • Through an online video.
  • With an audio note via whatsapp.
  • Leaving clues through phone calls or messages to find her.
  • Through an Instagram direct.

Express your love with a letter

As you can see, there are many ways to write a love letter, but you should always adapt to your personal circumstances, the message you want to convey and the originality you have when it comes to staging your love. We have left you some ideas and if you have problems or you do not see yourself able to write, you may find our writing courses useful, in principle they are for writing literary works, but isn’t a love letter one of the most important works that we can write in life?

Whether it is Valentine’s Day or any other time of the year, write a love letter, transmit your love to the person you love regardless of gender, age or condition. Love and say you love, the world is in need of feelings.