How would I go about censoring adult language in my book?

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Can you use profanity in a book?

It’s no longer taboo to have swearing in most types of writing, though the frequency and the type (e.g. “hell” vs. an f-bomb) can vary greatly depending on the audience and the subject matter. When writers ask, “Can I include a swear word in my novel?” the answer, usually, is yes.

How do you censor curse words?

You can either use the first word of the swear word followed by several dashes, such as d—, or you can insert a placeholder in parenthesis. (Expletive), (vulgarity) or (obscenity) would all be appropriate.

What is literary profanity?

Literature that contains profanity is usually accused of being offensive, and it can be sometimes. However, when it comes to classic literature it provides a REAL and ACCURATE portrayal of how people act.

Does Project Hail Mary have swearing?

The good news is that Andy Weir has matured in his writing and Project Hail Mary is virtually profanity-free.

Why do authors use vulgar language?

Authors use swear words in writing for various reasons, including to express strong emotions, add emphasis, shock readers or break taboos, or just to reflect how people talk in the real world (e.g., in dialogue). But swearing can also offend people, especially if it is gratuitous.

What book has the most curse words in it?

The worst offender on the list was “Tweak: Growing Up on Methamphetamines” by Nic Sheff (Atheneum Books for Young Readers, 2009). That book, the memoir of a young man addicted to meth, had more than 500 instances of profanity and 139 instances of the f-word.

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How do you censor words in text?

One of the most common methods I work with for censoring text is using dashes to remove letters whenever possible. Instead of using several dashes, most people choose to use dashes or an em dash, which looks like “—”. In addition, they typically include only the first letter or the first and last letter of a word.

What can I say instead of the F word?

What the cuss? 50 swear-word alternatives

  • Balderdash!
  • William Shatner!
  • Corn Nuts!
  • Dagnabbit!
  • Son of a monkey!
  • Barnacles!
  • Holy cow!
  • Poo on a stick!

What should you do with curse words in transcription?

Answer. Answer: a) transcribe it word for word.

Is Project Hail Mary good for kids?

Any Weir’s PROJECT HAIL MARY is a science fiction treat of problem solving and alien interactions. This book was fun–not too long, not too short. It isn’t perfect, but I totally enjoyed it even with its (minor) flaws. This book is available in print, but really you should get the Audible version.

How does Hail Mary book end?

As its atmosphere can’t support human life, an enclosure is built for Grace. Some time after he arrives, Rocky says the Astrophage infection around the sun has abated, meaning Grace’s mission was a success, and Earth has survived. The Hail Mary is kept in orbit around Rocky’s planet, if Grace ever wants to return home.

What is a Petrova line?

The Petrova line is the light they emit reflecting off nearby space dust. Essentially, the dots are single-celled aliens. He equates them to “space algae” and calls them “Astrophage“, which means they eat stars (from the Greek word astér/”star” and the latin suffix -phage/”to eat”).

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What is an Astrophage?

Andy Weir: The core problem is an alien microbe called Astrophage—that’s what the human scientists call it. It is an interstellar mold or algae. It grows and lives on the surface of stars and, like mold or algae, spores outward randomly in all directions. Sometimes one of the spores will find another star.

How do you stop time Tom Hazard?

How to Stop Time is a 2017 novel by English author Matt Haig. It follows protagonist Tom Hazard through his 400-year life as he loses himself to fear and seeks purpose. This novel deals with themes concerning the inevitability of change and learning to find happiness.

What is Anageria?

Tom Hazard has an extremely rare condition called anageria which means he ages extremely slowly. He is one of a tiny group of people who live for many hundreds of years.

How do you stop time character analysis?

Tom Hazard

He has changed identities so many times over his 400-year life that his true self is lost. Ultimately, he is a musician. Music underlies many of his identities’ lives and plays a big role in keeping him sane. The majority of Tom’s actions are motivated by promises he makes to his mother and his wife.

How do I stop time description?

How to Stop Time tells a love story across the ages—and for the ages—about a man lost in time, the woman who could save him, and the lifetimes it can take to learn how to live.

How do I stop time book discussion?

How to Stop Time (Haig) – Discussion Questions

  1. How does Tom Hazard feel about his life as an Albatross? …
  2. Follow-up to Question 1: Tom thinks that being an Alba isn’t anything special: …
  3. During his job interview with Daphne, Tom explains his view of history: “History isn’t something you need to bring to life.
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How do you stop time on Wikipedia?

How to Stop Time is a historical fantasy novel by English writer Matt Haig, published in July 2017.

Is 0 a stopping time?

Example of a stopping time: a hitting time of Brownian motion. The process starts at 0 and is stopped as soon as it hits 1.

What is it called when time stops?

Chronostasis (from Greek χρόνος, chrónos, “time” and στάσις, stásis, “standing”) is a type of temporal illusion in which the first impression following the introduction of a new event or task-demand to the brain can appear to be extended in time.

Is constant a stopping time?

If the filtration {Ft:t∈T} is complete, then a random time that is almost certainly a constant is also a stopping time.

What happens if we stop time?

If you stopped time, all light and sound would stop, too. In some interpretations, this would leave Strine instantly deaf and blind in his frozen scene. In a video for Play Noggin about the time-stopping video game Superhot, Julian Huguet comes to a similar conclusion, although he thinks it would take a little longer.

What is strong Markov property?

3.3 Strong Markov Property

The Markov property implies that for all t, the process { X ( t + s ) − X ( t ) , s ≥ 0 } has the same distribution as the process { X ( s ) , s ≥ 0 } and is independent of { X ( s ) , 0 ≤ s ≤ t } .