I have a CreateSpace ISBN but want to Publish a New Edition through another Publisher ?

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Do you need a new ISBN for a second edition?

If you create a second edition with new material to “freshen” the book and give it new marketing life, it must have a new ISBN. If you change the title of the book you must have a new ISBN. Remember that your ISBN identifies a specific work.

Can you reassign an ISBN?

If you made changes to your book, we may be able to help you move your ISBN to the new version in some cases. We can’t move your ISBN to a newer version of your book if the new book differs more than 10% from the older version.

Does ISBN change with new edition?

No. A new edition is considered a different product and gets its own ISBN. How are ISBNs assigned to multi-volume works? ISBNs are assigned to the volumes as they are sold as products.

Does ISBN change with publisher?

The original ISBN must be retained, provided the publisher remains the same and there are no changes to text or binding. No, a new ISBN cannot be issued solely for marketing or promotional reasons. A new ISBN can only be issued where there are changes of text, format or binding which would justify this.

How do I transfer an ISBN?

ISBNs cannot be transferred on an individual basis. If a self-publisher wants to be identified as the publisher, the self-publisher must get their own ISBN. A printing company or publisher services company cannot sell, give away or transfer one of their ISBNs to a customer.

Does a second edition need a new copyright?

You don’t actually need to list multiple copyright dates UNLESS you made significant changes to the text. Your original copyright date still stands. You can then add lines about publication. For example, this sample just says SECOND EDITION on the copyright page.

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Can I publish the same book with different ISBN numbers?

Once assigned to a book, an ISBN cannot be reused. This is a very important point to keep in mind. The same ISBN cannot be used for different formats of the book, whether the book is in printed or electronic form. That means hardcover and softcover versions of the book have to be assigned separate ISBNs.

Are ISBN numbers different for editions?

An ISBN is assigned to each separate edition and variation (except reprintings) of a publication. For example, an e-book, a paperback and a hardcover edition of the same book will each have a different ISBN.

What happens if the ISBN is different?

A textbook will have a separate ISBN for each edition. International Edition textbooks have a different ISBN than the standard edition. If a book is reprinted by its same publisher without any changes or revisions, it will keep the same ISBN.

Can two different books have the same ISBN?

Two books may have precisely the same content but be issued different ISBNs because they come from different printings. Likewise, printing errors, etc., can in rare cases render two books different despite having the same ISBN.

Can you use the same ISBN for print and eBook?

A print book ISBN cannot be reused for the eBook. 2. It is recommended, but not required, that you assign a unique ISBN per format. A format is a Kindle eBook, an EPUB (used by B&N, Apple, Kobo, etc.), audiobook, hardcover, paperback.

Do I need a different ISBN for ebook and paperback?

3. Does a book title have a constant ISBN? No. Each version (ebook, hardcover, paperback, or audiobook) will require a separate ISBN.

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Do I need a separate ISBN for an ebook?

ISBNs are not necessary to sell ebooks; none of the top online retailers require them. Printed books, however, cannot be sold without an ISBN. Remember that each version of your book would need a separate ISBN, and purchasing a block of 10 would be more cost-effective than purchasing one.

Do I need a different ISBN for each book format?

Each format of a book needs its own unique ISBN, meaning if you have an ebook version and a paperback version of the same title, each will need its own unique ISBN. ISBNs cannot be reused once they are assigned, which protects each version of a book from copyright violations.

What is a revised edition of a book?

Definition of revised edition

: an edition (as of a book) incorporating major revisions by the author or an editor and often supplementary matter designed to bring it up to date — compare reissue, reprint.

How much does it cost to publish a book with Barnes and Noble?

Deluxe Self-Publishing $399: Best for authors who want to sell their book in Barnes & Noble stores, this includes everything in the Intermediate Self-Publishing package above.

Can an eBook have two ISBN?

Technically you not only need an ISBN but you need a different ISBN for each format your ebook is being offered. If you are offering your book as a mobi, epub and a PDF, you need three different ISBNs. That’s technically. In reality, if you are only making your eBook available on Amazon, you don’t need any.

Do I need an ISBN to self publish?

Should a self-published author get an ISBN? Yes, your self-published book should have an ISBN if you plan to sell your printed book in bookstores and libraries. If you plan to sell your printed book through Amazon self-publishing or online retailers and book aggregators, you will need an ISBN.

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Do I need an ISBN for Kindle publishing?

You don’t need an ISBN number to publish your Kindle book. During the publishing process, Amazon will assign a 10-digit ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number) that will identify your Kindle book on Amazon.com.

Can I make my own ISBN barcode?

Step 1: Obtain the ISBN Number

Before making an ISBN barcode, the user must first apply for an ISBN number. This number should be 10 or 13 digits, for example, 0-9767736-6-X or 978-0-9767736-6-5. Once the ISBN number is obtained, it should be displayed above the barcode on the book.

What is the difference between ISBN and barcode?

An ISBN is NOT the same thing as a barcode. The barcode you see on the back of a book is derived from an ISBN, but the two are not the same. An ISBN is only a number. A barcode is a visual method used to convey an ISBN to a computer using scanning technology during a sales or inventory transaction process.

Do I need a barcode to sell my book on Amazon?

Barcodes are required for books sold in stores. There are two things to keep in mind about that statement. If your book is stocked by a store, the barcode must include the price. The only time you need to provide your own barcode is when your printer cannot produce one for you.