Is it necessary to write only stories on Wattpad ?

Asked by: Mary Wood

Is Wattpad a good place to start writing?

The bottom line is Wattpad is a suitable platform for niche authors and a great place to find engaged readers of almost any persuasion and preference. Contests: Wattpad regularly offers writing contests.

What does it mean to write exclusively on Wattpad?

– Exclusive* consideration for Paid Stories. – Exclusive* consideration for Wattpad Studios (including Wattpad Books and adaptation for television and film) – Exclusive* consideration to speak at in-person events, like WattCon. – Invitations to contribute to our brand campaigns.

Should I post my writing on Wattpad?

The answer to that question depends on your goal. If you are a professional writer with a good deal of experience, Wattpad might be less than ideal. However, if you are a new writer looking to improve your work, then the platform might be a place for you.

How long should my Wattpad chapters be?

You don’t have to, but staying within 500-1000 words of the other chapters tends to result in a reader-friendly, smooth experience [so if you’re averaging 1800, 2800 is the point where your readers will really start to notice that this chapter is really long].

How do you get popular on Wattpad?

Promoting your story

  1. Follow other writers and read their work. …
  2. Acknowledge follows. …
  3. Respond to comments and suggestions on your work and story.
  4. Engage others in conversation. …
  5. Ask for advice. …
  6. Use short or catchy titles. …
  7. Update your fans. …
  8. Remember to add a story description (plot synopsis).

How much do Wattpad writers earn?

No, writers do not get paid on Wattpad through money, but through opportunities, satisfaction, and friends. It’s pretty much like writers on Quora. Instead of writing articles, people write books instead. If your book gets popular enough, you might be contacted through an agent to get your work published.

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Can you get verified on Wattpad?

Wattpad introduced verified accounts to let readers and writers know that a well-known person is accurately representing themselves on Wattpad. This program is currently not open to the public; Wattpad will only verify specific accounts where necessary.

How long does it take to become a Wattpad star?

You must have logged onto the Wattpad in the past sixty (60) days.

Who are the most popular writers on Wattpad?

From writing online to a publishing deal: meet six Wattpad…

  1. Anna Todd. Hailing from Texas, Anna Todd is perhaps the best known of Wattpad success stories. …
  2. Beth Reekles. …
  3. Abigail Gibbs. …
  4. Lilian Carmine. …
  5. Nikki Kelly. …
  6. Brittany Geragotellis.

What age is Wattpad for?

13 years of age or older

As per the Terms of Service, Wattpad is only available for people who are 13 years of age or older. If we learn someone under 13 is using Wattpad Services, we’ll terminate their account. We also collect your date of birth to ensure that we serve you with the right content for your age.

How many books can you write on Wattpad?

In a single list you can only put 200 books.

How do I get more reads?

Secrets to Getting More Reads

  1. Add a Story Cover.
  2. Write a Story Description.
  3. Tags, Tags, Tags.
  4. Play with Multimedia.
  5. Mark Your Story Complete.
  6. The #1 Way to Increase Your Reads.

How do people get millions of reads on Wattpad?

Here are 8 of my top tips for getting more ‘reads’ on Wattpad.

  4. BE HOOKY! …
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How do you mark a story as complete on Wattpad?

On Web

  1. Select Write on the top navigation bar.
  2. Click on the story title and scroll to the bottom.
  3. Select Completed from the drop-down menu next to Story Status.
  4. Click on Save Changes in the upper right-hand corner.

What are votes on Wattpad?

Voting will show a writer your support. This is a great way to connect with writers and engage with the Wattpad community. However, votes do not impact how a story is ranked.

What is the most voted story on Wattpad?

Sourcebooks, a leading independent book publisher, has acquired the worldwide English rights to Wattpad’s most-read story of 2016, Chasing Red. With over 126 million reads, the Wattpad community spent over 148 million minutes, the equivalent of 282 years, reading the story by Wattpad Star Isabelle Ronin.

What are the best tags in Wattpad?

Use these hashtags to get seen now

#wattpad Get report Similar hashtags 1,529
#chapter Get report Similar hashtags 2,321
#stories Get report Similar hashtags 151,296
#book Get report Similar hashtags 1,899,996

What does a star mean on Wattpad?

If you see this badge, the profile you are viewing belongs to someone in our Wattpad Stars program. The Wattpad Stars program is how Wattpad supports successful writers. We recognize the hard work of our Wattpad Stars and connect them with new opportunities to take their writing to the next level.

How often should you post on Wattpad?

1-3 times each week

Post on a regular basis, ideally 1-3 times each week. The best time to post is Friday or Saturday morning for weekend readers (though keep in mind with a worldwide readership, timing fluctuates wildly).

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What do the 3 lines on Wattpad mean?

– means ‘How many votes your book Has at the Moment‘ ( It’s a sum of all the votes Every voted chapter of Your Book has – & it may be the same – but it’s usually Smaller than the number of Your Book Reads – the More Your Readers Like Your book – the More Votes it will get! 🙂 )

Who is the ambassador of Wattpad?

Who are the Wattpad Ambassadors? The Ambassadors are a group of Wattpad users who volunteer with Wattpad to support the community. They help users, assist in organizing stories, run community initiatives and all sorts of other things!

Do wattpad ambassadors get paid?

A) people who work at Wattpad HQ get paid; Wattpad Ambassadors do not. It is considered volunteer work and Wattpad Ambassadors apply because they genuinely wish to make a positive difference in the Wattpad community.

How do you become a curator on Wattpad?

A degree of care and quality, free of obvious typos or consistent grammar errors that make it difficult to read. Minimum 10,000 words to submit, or must be a completed short story or poetry collection if less than 10,000 words. Make sure you mark your story as Complete in the Story Details section.