Is my counterclaim good? How could it be improved? (This is based on whether or not if Odysseus is a hero or not, I argued that he was not a hero) ?

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Why is Odysseus not a hero evidence?

Not Always the Hero

In Homer’s The Odyssey, the main figure Odysseus has excessive pride, a lack of faith, and selfish intentions, which prevent him from earning the title of hero. These mannerisms are just several examples of his multiple derogatory traits.

Is Odysseus a good hero or not?

Odysseus was a true hero, he showed this through courage and determination and in many other ways. In book one Odysseus shows a great amount of bravery. Combining with his extreme strength, bravery, and high level of intelligence shows how he has supernatural abilities.

How is Odysseus not a hero in The Odyssey?

Odysseus is not a hero because he lets his pride make most of his decisions, which gets him into difficult situations. Throughout The Odyssey, Odysseus makes mistakes that causes his men to be killed. Most of these mistakes could have been fixed by Odysseus making better decisions throughout his journey.

Is Odysseus a hero or anti hero?

Odysseus shows that he is an antihero through his pride, disloyalty, and bloodthirstiness. Odysseus returns from a great victory of the Trojan War and the enormous amount of pride he gains gets him into a lot of trouble.

Is Odysseus a hero argumentative essay?

Odysseus completely demonstrates all of the main characteristics of a Homeric hero. His strength, intelligence, and guile all serve him well when he is in struggling to get out of a certain situation.
Odysseus as a Homeric Epic Hero.

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