Is there a software for story writing with detailed character files and an interactive timeline? (other then aeon timeline and scrivener)?

Asked by: Mike Lynch

How do I make a timeline in Scrivener?

Create your timeline within Scrivener

  1. Select a scene.
  2. Open the Inspector.
  3. Click on the icon for metadata (the middle of five icons).
  4. Click on the Set Up Metadata … button to open up the Custom Metadata pane.
  5. Click on the + sign to add a new metadata field.

What is Aeon timeline?

Aeon Timeline is a powerful tool for organizing and presenting a sequence of events. Whether you’re laying out the plot of a screenplay, planning an event, or presenting evidence to a jury, the app’s simple interface gives clarity to even the most complex timelines.

How do you plan a timeline for a novel?

Seven questions that will help create a timeline:

  1. How old are your characters when the story begins?
  2. Where are the characters in the story?
  3. Why does the story start? …
  4. What are your main characters’ story goals?
  5. Who are their co-stars?
  6. How old are your characters when the story ends?
  7. Where will it end?

Is Bibisco free?

Winner: Bibisco is an open-source app, and you can use its major features for free.

How much is Aeon timeline?

Learn more about buying Aeon Timeline. Buying multiple licenses? Contact [email protected] and we will generate a quote for you. Buy for $64.99 USD Includes one year of updates.

How do I share my Aeon timeline?

Update to the latest version of Aeon Timeline on all devices to ensure there are no compatibility issues. Open Aeon Timeline on your iPad. Select Dropbox from the Locations menu on the left. Tap ‘Create New’, and then select your preferred template to create a new timeline.

How long is a AEON?

a billion years

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In astronomy an aeon is defined as a billion years (109 years, abbreviated AE). Roger Penrose uses the word aeon to describe the period between successive and cyclic Big Bangs within the context of conformal cyclic cosmology.

What is Novlr?

Novlr is an online novel-writing app that includes a word processor, a progress-tracking dashboard, and export capabilities for your book. Its cloud-based platform will automatically back up your writing whenever you’re online, so it’s basically Google Docs made specifically for novelists.

How do I get Scrivener for free?

Free Trial

If you don’t have a licence, Scrivener will run in trial mode. The trial is exactly the same as the full version but will stop working after 30 days of use. (If you use it every day, it lasts 30 days; if you use it only two days a week, it lasts fifteen weeks.)

What is campfire blaze?

Campfire Blaze is a web-based application that allows writers to collaborate on stories in real-time. Its feature-set is certainly inspired by Campfire Pro, and it will be the “successor” to Campfire Pro in the sense that Pro users can import their work into Blaze seamlessly.

How much does Bibisco cost?

Bibisco (story planning and word processor) — free. Evernote (word processor and organizational tool) — free. FocusWriter (writing productivity tool) — free. Freedom (site blocker and time management tool) — $6.99/month.

Is living writer free?

LivingWriter is free to start, so you’ve got nothing to lose.

How install Bibisco Linux?

Setting up Bibisco on Ubuntu 19.04

  1. Download linux archive from Bibisco.
  2. Move files to better path. sudo mv ~/Downloads/bibisco-blah-blah/ ~/opt/bibisco.
  3. Install 2 dependencies. sudo apt install libgconf-2-4 libgtk2.0-0.
  4. Test launching bibisco. cd /opt/bibisco ./bibisco.
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How do I delete my Squibler account?

You may cancel your Subscription renewal either through your online account management page or by contacting Squibler, LLC customer support team. A valid payment method, including credit card, is required to process the payment for your Subscription.

What is the best software for book writing?

The 10 Best Pieces of Book Writing Software

  1. Scrivener (Word Processor) …
  2. Google Docs (Word Processing) …
  3. Google Sheets OR Microsoft Excel (Spreadsheet) …
  4. Vellum (Book Formatting/Word Processing) …
  5. ProWritingAid (Grammar/Spell Check) …
  6. Publisher Rocket (Book Marketing App) …
  7. Evernote OR Ulysses OR Bear (Note Taking)

Is Scrivener the best writing software?

Absolutely! Scrivener comes out on top as the best writing software we’ve tested. It’s budget-friendly, comes with a boatload of features like drag-and-drop organization, writing templates, focus mode, and tons more.

What software does JK Rowling use?

I use Google Docs myself.

How much does Scrivener software cost?

How does it stack up to the competition?

Program Base Cost Main Purpose
Scrivener $49 Organization of large projects
Microsoft Word $139 Corporate writing needs
Google Docs Free Real-time collaboration
Apple Pages Free Make every page beautiful

Do authors use Scrivener?

If you’re a novelist, you’ve probably heard of Scrivener. Although Scrivener has been helping writers draft and compile their books since 2007, the latest update, Scrivener 3, has made the once-niche software even more feature-rich.

Which is better Scrivener or Ulysses?

Both Scrivener and Ulysses can help you with compiling, but Scrivener gives you more control. The user-interface is simple on Ulysses, but it is not as thorough and extensive. Scrivener’s compiling process allows you control over every single detail.

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Do you have to pay for Scrivener every year?

Scrivener is a software program that you pay for once and download. Then, you simply have it on your computer forever. No annual subscription needed. Scrivener is available for Windows, Scrivener for Mac, and iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch.

Can Scrivener be used offline?

Scrivener is a software that can be used offline and it opens right where you left off every single time. You can also use Scrivener on your mobile device and sync between devices.

Can I transfer Scrivener to another computer?

Can I use Scrivener on multiple computers? Absolutely! Scrivener comes with what we call a “household” licence, which means that you can install Scrivener on any machines you own and of which you are the primary user. You can also install it on the computers of family members living in the same house as you.

Does Scrivener have an app?

These days, Scrivener has a native iOS application that lets you write and edit on the go and then sync with your desktop.

Is Scrivener worth the money?

With that said, the consensus of this Scrivener review is that it’s definitely worth it if you want a more old fashioned editor to work in with a lot of functionality. It is a single, one-time fee for a lifetime of organized and productive writing success.

Can I use Apple pencil with Scrivener?

I can scribble directly in Scrivener iOS with the Apple pencil and it converts to text! Even after using it for nearly 10 years, Scrivener is always finding ways to surprise me.