Post scriptum in my soft diary?

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What is the meaning of PS in diary entry?

Leave your diary as written, and if you add something, the PS tells you that you added it, after some thought, and if it were me that is worth knowing too: PS the next day it occurred to me…

How do you write PS at the end of a letter?

What Does “PS” Mean and How to Use It in a Letter or Email

  1. “PS” stands for the Latin phrase post scriptum, which literally translates to “after text”.
  2. Both “PS” and “P.S.” are correct. …
  3. Periods or no periods, “PS” should always be capitalized.

Where do you put PS in a letter?

Here’s a tip: People wonder—does the PS come before or after the signature? Since a postscript is an addition that comes after a letter is completed, it should always follow the signature. Including a PS has long been a direct mail marketing strategy.

What is the correct way to write PS?

The Cambridge Dictionary lists PS as the proper format if you’re using British English. PS Please remember the milk. However, if you want to use the American English form, then the same dictionary says that the P.S. should include periods after each letter. But, The Chicago Manual of Style has a different opinion.

How do you include PS in an email?

Including a postscript in a correspondence is very simple. First, compose your letter or correspondence as you normally would. Next, sign off with your “Thank you” or “Sincerely.” Finally, insert your postscript by stating “PS.” followed by what you want to add.

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What is the mean of PS?

us. COMMUNICATIONS. written abbreviation for postscript: used at the end of a letter or email after you have signed your name to show that you are adding a short remark or message not included in the main part: PS: Thanks for your help with the recent project.

Do you put a colon after PS?

‘PS/P.S.’ is comparable to ‘NB/N.B.’, which is always set off with a colon.

Is it PPS or PSS in a letter?

This, of course, is because “PS” stands for “postscript”. This comes from the Latin “post scriptum” (sometimes written “postscriptum”), which translates to “written after”, or more to the point, “what comes after the writing”.

Do you put PS before or after signature?

As others points out, P.S. stands for postscript (“after signature“) and it means the content was added after the message was signed. However, just because technology gives you the choice of re-wording a message to avoid a postscipt, that doesn’t mean you must re-word the message to avoid a postscript.

Should you use PS in an email?

Your business emails may be missing something — a P.S. P.S., or postscript, has long been used in various forms of written communication as a way of adding an additional thought after a message. And if your email signature doesn’t include one, you could really be missing out.

Can you say PS in a professional email?

“PS” can be used in either formal or informal letters and emails, as long as the tone and context more or less match that of the rest of the message.

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