Publish the same book under two names?

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Yes, it’s possible by you’re violating the original author’s copyright and effectively getting yourself into a legal suit. Very rarely. If the original author published a book under a pseudonym and now wants to publish it under the author’s real name (or vice versa), this is sometimes done.

Can two people have the same book title?

Make Your Book Title Original

Titles cannot be copyrighted in the United States. Therefore, two or more books can have the same title. However, if you use a title that is the same or very similar to another book, it makes it hard for your title to stand out.

Can you publish a book with the same name?

Some are by some very established authors too. Stephen King, for example, released Joyland in 2013, just seven years after Emily Schultz published her debut novel of the same name. So, as you can see, it is possible and not at all unusual to use the same title.

Can two books by different authors have the same name?

Yes, you can write under your real name. Such use is not trademark use all on its own. It matters not whether there are other authors by the same name.

Can I publish under multiple names on KDP?

Yes. When you publish a book, you can put whatever author name you want. Go into author central and click that it’s your book. You can then make a separate author page for each name, if you choose.

What if my book title is already taken?

If you want to see if a title has been trademarked, you can use TESS, the online search at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Then you can start the trademark process. You may be able to copyright your work yourself, but it’s better to have an intellectual property attorney to help you with a trademark application.

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Can you use a book title that already exists?

Much like names, slogans, and ideas, titles are not protected by U.S. copyright laws (which is why so many books have the same titles).

Are book titles protected by copyright?

Copyright does not protect names, titles, slogans, or short phrases. In some cases, these things may be protected as trademarks.

Can book titles be trademarked?

A word can not be trademarked for a book title but the entire title can. This can help in generating revenues not just from work but by-products of the work such as royalties. When a work inspires other work based on similar ideas and names it allows for revenue generation.

Can I write a book about another book?

What you cannot ever do is copy the words of another author. The words are copyrighted. You must tell the story in your own words and in your own voice and style. The general rule is that ideas are not copyrighted, but the expression of those ideas is.

How many author names can you have on KDP?

There is no limit to the number of author names you can publish through one KDP account.

Can you have multiple authors under one KDP account?

How Multiple Author Pen Names Work on Amazon Author Central. A special note to take is that while you can’t have more than one KDP account, you can have more than one Author Central account. You just have to use a different email address and password.

Can you use multiple pen names on Amazon?

And okay so the million dollar question is how many pen names can you have in one account. Well it's changed more recently in fact actually in their words i reached out to them amazon author central

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Can I have multiple pen names?

Amazon will only let you have three pen names under one Author Central account. It isn’t TERRIBLE to have multiple pen names (more on that below), but if you can keep things easy, DO. If you’re writing books that are related or might have a larger crossover audience, then don’t do a pen name.

Can you have multiple KDP accounts?

Can you have multiple KDP accounts? Yes, but you will need a company for every extra account you want to have (assuming you have the first account under your name). Although opening a US company online is trivial, keeping the accounts and taking care of state and federal obligations is not.

How do I add my pen name to KDP?

So go ahead and go to KTP. Select the book or if you're uploading your book for the first time go ahead and start inserting your information there when you get to authors.

Do you have to copyright a pen name?

Under U.S. law you can’t copyright a name, real or fictitious. Copyrights protect authorship, such as short stories, poems, or novels. You can register a manuscript under a pen name at the copyright office ( You’ll have to provide some information, including your real address.

Can I change my KDP author name?

It’ll be seamless in KDP. Just like you said – correcting a spelling error. With Author Central however, they’ll still be linked to your other name. You can either create the new pen name in AC and claim them (they’ll be linked to both names), or you can email AC and they can change it for you.

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Do I have to use my real name on KDP?

Yes, you can publish on Amazon with a pseudonym, to preserve your identity, for whatever reason. You can do the same… KDP — as the name suggests — is a platform for self-publishing. As the publisher of the works you upload there, you need to register under your actual identity to remain compliant.

Can you self publish on Amazon under a pseudonym?

Yes, you can publish on Amazon with a pseudonym , to preserve your identity, for whatever reason. You can do the same thing on Nook, iBooks, Smashwords and Kobobooks.

Can I write under a pseudonym?

Many writers use pen names—but there’s a right way and a wrong way to publish your book, stories, poems, or essays under a pseudonym. Actors and artists often use fictitious names, and writers sometimes choose to create under a different persona as well.

How do you get paid under a pen name?

If you want to know how to get paid under a pen name, that is a bit more complicated. Necessarily it will require you to create a legal entity under the pen name. There are a few different options to consider, like a DBA (Doing Business As) registration. Also, you may consider getting a Certificate of an Assumed Name.

Can you make money as an anonymous author?

There are many ways to make money under a pen name, without disclosing your identity or airing your personal life to the crowd. You can be a ghostwriter, or even become a writer under a pen name.

How much do authors make per book?

A traditionally published author makes 5–20% royalties on print books, usually 25% on ebooks (though can be less), and 10–25% on audiobooks.