Repeating a subject?

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Do I need to repeat subject after and?

You don’t need to repeat the subject after but in English if both parts of your sentence (clauses) have the same subject. You can mention it again or omit it in the second clause.

What is a sentence for repeating?

I repeated this performance several times. She tapped it and repeated the question. Dean repeated his demand. I want to have another word with you, I repeated , somewhat more sternly.

Can repeat and again be used together?

By the rules of formal grammar, you are correct. “Repeat” or “again” would be used on the second effort, but not both. The combination “repeat … again” would be used on the third or any subsequent efforts.

Do you have to repeat I in a sentence?

The purpose of pronouns is to avoid repeating longer words. The pronouns themselves are very short: I, me, you he, him, she, her, it, they, them. So, repeating them is not a problem. The pronouns I and me just stand for the speaker, but it’s still okay to repeat them.

Can you repeat pronouns?

Subject pronouns – Repeat it or not. Generally, if you use the same subject pronoun in a compound sentence, you don’t need to mention it again unless the subject pronoun or the tense change.

What are examples of repetition?

Here are some familiar examples of repetition:

  • Time after time.
  • Heart to heart.
  • Boys will be boys.
  • Hand in hand.
  • Get ready; get set; go.
  • Hour to hour.
  • Sorry, not sorry.
  • Over and over.
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What is the synonym of repeated?

adjectiveconstant, incessant. aeonian. around-the-clock. ceaseless. connected.

What do you call the repetition of words?

Definition of anaphora

1 : repetition of a word or expression at the beginning of successive phrases, clauses, sentences, or verses especially for rhetorical or poetic effect Lincoln’s “we cannot dedicate—we cannot consecrate—we cannot hallow—this ground” is an example of anaphora — compare epistrophe.

What repeat means?

: to say, do, or accomplish something again especially : to win something (such as a sports championship) another time in succession. repeat. noun. re·​peat | \ ri-ˈpēt , ˈrē-ˌpēt \

How do you avoid repeating pronouns?

Avoiding repetition at the sentence level

  1. Use a variety of different transition words.
  2. Vary the structure and length of your sentences.
  3. Don’t use the same pronoun to reference more than one antecedent (e.g. “They asked whether they were ready for them”)

Should the be repeated in a list?

Do we need the word the before every item? Grammatically, the choices are to repeat the word the before every item or use it in front of just the first item. Here is how the sentence looks without the repeated the. You must order the lumber, nails, concrete and sealant at the beginning of the project.

How do you use repetition in writing?

Repetition is a simple and fairly easy device to use in writing.
How to use Repetition

  1. Choose words that you think are important and worth stressing.
  2. Repeat those words in a way that is memorable. …
  3. Not overuse it, or it will loose its effect—just use repetition at points when it will have the most impact.
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What is repetition in writing?

What Is Repetition in Writing? Repetition is a literary device that involves using the same word or phrase over and over again in a piece of writing or speech. Writers of all kinds use repetition, but it is particularly popular in oration and spoken word, where a listener’s attention might be more limited.

What is simple repetition?

Repetition is the simple repeating of a word, within a short space of words (including in a poem), with no particular placement of the words to secure emphasis.

Is repetition an alliteration?

Alliteration makes specific emphasis on sounds in words, while repetition engages in repeating the same words or sequences of words, to make a point in the written word.

What is repetition in figurative speech?

Here’s a quick and simple definition: Repetition is a literary device in which a word or phrase is repeated two or more times. Repetition occurs in so many different forms that it is usually not thought of as a single figure of speech.

Why is repetition used in literature?

As a literary device, repetition is the process of repeating certain words or phrases in order to make an idea more memorable and clear.

What is effect of repetition?

the fact that repeated presentation of information or items typically leads to better memory for the material. The repetition effect is a general principle of learning, although there are exceptions and modifiers. For instance, spaced repetitions are usually more effective than massed repetitions.

What is the benefit of repetition?

It’s good because repetition provides the practice that children need to master new skills. Repetition helps to improve speed, increases confidence, and strengthens the connections in the brain that help children learn.

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