Resubmitting a manuscript after publication cessation?

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Can I withdraw paper after publication?

Unfortunately too though, you cannot withdraw a published paper. A manuscript can be ‘withdrawn’ before publication, and a published paper can be ‘retracted. ‘ There are a variety of reasons for seeking to withdraw a manuscript, mostly on the author’s side, as you can find out here.

Can a manuscript be rejected after revision?

Answer: Unfortunately, sometimes manuscript do get rejected after the second or even third round of revisions. This can happen due to multiple reasons such as: The authors might not have adequately addressed all the questions raised by the reviewers.

Can I publish same paper twice?

Really this is unethical issue but you can keep submit it to one journal a while drag manuscripts from others journals. No, you cannot submit the same paper to more than one journal at the same time. This is known as simultaneous or concurrent submission and is considered as an unethical practice.

What is the difference between major revisions and revise and resubmit?

Major revision indicates the manuscript definitely needs some work and will require additional review, but the manuscript is in decent shape, the research is sound, etc. Revise and resubmit is just a step below reject.

What happens when a paper is retracted?

The retraction of a paper involves a formal withdrawal of an already published article. This is a serious action and the last resort for dealing with misconduct. Before doing this, the journal adopts other measures to resolve the identified issues.

What is retraction in publication?

Retraction is a mechanism for correcting the literature and alerting readers to publications that contain such seriously flawed or erroneous data that their findings and conclusions cannot be relied upon. Unreliable data may result from honest error or from research misconduct.

Can a paper be accepted after major revision?

The probability of major revised paper is more than 50%. If one addresses the reviewers/editors comment properly, the paper acceptance chance is more. A very few papers rejected after revisions.

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What are the most common reasons for the rejection of a manuscript?

There can be a number of reasons; the most prominent ones (non-limiting) are discussed:

  • Lack of Novelty, originality, and presentation of obsolete study. …
  • Improper rationale. …
  • Unimportant and irrelevant subject matter. …
  • Flaws in methodology. …
  • Lack of interpretations. …
  • Inappropriate or incomplete statistics.

Does major revisions mean accepted?

In short, “major revisions” means you’ve got work to do on your manuscript, but you’re still very much in the game. You had a great research idea to start with. You’re not far from getting it accepted and published. Your target journal’s editor has sent your manuscript to two or more peer reviewers.

How often are revise and resubmit accepted?

For journals I have managed, the number of “major revision” papers that are eventually accepted stays solidly between 80-90%. When editors, reviewers, and authors have put time into critiquing and improving a paper, it just seems downright unfair to reject the paper.

How long does it take to review a revised manuscript?

Typically the manuscript will be reviewed within 80 days. Should the reviewers’ reports contradict one another or a report is unduly delayed, a further expert opinion will be sought. If necessary, revised manuscripts may be returned to the initial reviewers, usually within 1 month.

How long does revised manuscript take?

It depends upon the revised manuscript subject matter and reviewers and editors evaluation speed. It takes roughly two months.

What happens after revised manuscript is submitted?

Once the revised manuscript is submitted, it is first assigned to an associate editor, and the status shows “With Editor.” The editor then sends it for another round of peer review, and the status changes to “Under review.”

How do I submit a revised manuscript?

A journal’s editor may even want you to submit two versions of the revised manuscript: one with your changes highlighted along with a “clean” version. If the decision letter doesn’t make this clear, go ahead and ask the editor via e-mail. Second, compose a good response letter to accompany your revised manuscript.

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How long does revise and resubmit take?

Times vary. In my field three weeks for minor and six weeks for major revisions seems common. If the journal does not provide any general guidelines on this one would hope that the editor would do so.

Should I revise and resubmit?

Another reason why researchers in all disciplines are increasingly receiving their manuscripts back with the R&R verdict is more straightforward: both (or all, in case of multiple reviewers) peer reviewers may recommend revising and resubmitting the manuscript.

How do I submit a revise and resubmit?

The ‘Revise and Resubmit’

  1. Read through the comments and edits. …
  2. Create a master to-do list. …
  3. Work through your master to do list. …
  4. Review the editor’s letter and reviewers’ comments. …
  5. Write a response letter to the editor. …
  6. Resubmit your manuscript and CELEBRATE!

How do you write a revise and resubmit letter?

  1. 5 Rhetorical Moves for the Resubmit Letter. Even though some of the reviewer comments might be unpleasant, your revise and resubmit letter should be formal and polite. …
  2. Express gratitude. We thank Reviewer A for the. …
  3. Signal attention to review.
  4. Claim positive results. … …
  5. Preview content. …
  6. Respond to specific.
  7. How do I ask for a paper revision extension?

    How to word this request? You’ll want to be tactful, respectful, and provide a sound reason for requesting the delay. Also convey that you’re very interested in making the revisions and are keen to have your paper re-considered for publication in the journal.

    How do you write a cover letter for manuscript resubmission?

    In the cover letter for the resubmission, thank the editors and reviewers for their feedback and outline the changes you made (or did not make) to the manuscript to address the feedback. The cover letter for a revised and resubmitted manuscript summarizes the changes to the manuscript.

    How do you indicate a letter has been revised?

    Format of a Revision Letter

    1. Introduction: brief context, thanking the reviewers, outline of letter.
    2. List of changes: a list of the significant changes that were made compared to the previous version, each change attributed to the reviewers whose feedback suggested it.

    How do you mark changes in revised manuscript?

    Revised manuscript (marked-up copy): Include a marked-up copy of your manuscript file showing the changes you have made since the original submission. The best way to show these changes is the “Track Changes” option in Microsoft Word. Upload this as a “Revised Article with Changes Highlighted” file.

    How do you write a letter of rectification?

    I regret to say that I made a mistake in an important document which is to be submitted on date __________(Date). This letter is to state that I have corrected the error from __________(Mention error made) to __________(Correction).

    What should I write in a revised email?

    How to Revise an Email So That People Will Read It

    1. Delete redundancies. …
    2. Use numbers and specifics instead of adverbs and adjectives. …
    3. Add missing context. …
    4. Focus on the strongest argument. …
    5. Delete off-topic material. …
    6. Seek out equivocation and remove it. …
    7. Kill your favorites. …
    8. Delete anything written in the heat of emotion.

    How do you write Erratum in an email?

    An erratum in an email sample is probably the best way to fix the mistake.

    However, your error message should always include these three key elements:

    1. An apology;
    2. A clear indication of the correction or the measures taken to rectify it;
    3. A special offer (if appropriate) or a way to make up for it.

    How do you resend?

    Add a subject and the email address you're sending it to and click. Send another way is to click reply. Or forward for the email you want to reset.

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