Should I be concerned about relatability or can I just tell the story the way it is?

Asked by: Roxanne Anaya

Why is Relatability important in storytelling?

A story’s relatability allows people to empathise with the plot, themes and characters in an intimate way so that its core message is one that becomes meaningful to us. It is, what some describe, the quality that enables us to become part of the story and makes the good ones resonate so deeply.

Why is Relatability important in writing?

Another element that can make people like a story is relatability. This is the extent to which you can relate to a character. It’s tangentially connected to familiarity, because you can relate to characters that are similar to you because they are familiar.

What makes a story relatable?

And that is exactly what makes a character relatable: their humanity. Forging the reader-character connection is all about encouraging readers to empathize with your characters in some way. For readers to extend empathy, they must recognize the humanity in your characters’ experiences or circumstances.

Are relatable characters important?

Having fully developed, relatable characters in your story is essential to catching the attention of your audience, whether that’s an agent, publisher, or reader.

What makes someone relatable?

When we say that someone is relatable, we mean that it’s easy to understand and feel connected to them. S/he’s like me, in some fundamental way. I can bond, empathize, identify.

Why do we like relatable content?

The Power of Relatability

Chances are, one of the main characters reminds you of yourself. We’re instinctively drawn to characters and worlds that we can relate to. This is why we love teen movies when we’re in high school. It’s why my mom’s favorite movie of the last 20 years is Something’s Gotta Give.

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What is a synonym for relatable?

Able to be passed on verbally. narratable. recountable. tellable. utterable.