Alexander Hamilton’s Guide to Life

Jeff Wilser

Published September 20th, 2016 by Three Rivers Press



“Yet, there’s a deeper reason we’re drawn to Hamilton – and that’s the man himself.  He feels somehow different from the other Founders, who, with their wise words and their marble statues, can seem more like myths than men.

Hamilton strikes us as human.  Flawed.  Fearless.  Reckless.”

I, like 78% of the population right now, am obsessed with all things Hamilton.  I listen to the musical non-stop (see what I did there), and have also been attracted to other Hamilton works in the past months.  I read a tiny bit of Rob Chernow’s Hamilton biography every time I am in Barnes & Noble, and have also picked up The Federalist Papers, and a book on Hamilton’s affair.  You know, for fun.

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September Haul!

I love that I start off every month with really great intentions, yet I epically fail.  I img_5453told myself at the end of August that I was going to only buy Empire of Storms in September, and then use the rest of the month to catch up on books that I have bought only to stack by my bedside.

The most obnoxious thing about this haul too, is that most of the books I bought for full price from Barnes & Noble.  No Book Outlet books, or discounted Amazon books, just membership priced books from B&N.  But when B&N sends you an email that says “DOUBLE DISCOUNT WEEKEND FOR MEMBERS” you go.  And you go all four of those days too.  (I am ashamed.) (Kind-of.)

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Dark Matter

Blake Crouch

Published July 2016 by Crown 


dark matter“Are you happy with your life?”  

Do I have your attention yet?  If this mind-numbingly awesome book cover doesn’t draw you in, that line sure as hell will.

You all know I am a cover monster.  Show me a beautiful book cover and I am all over it.  This familiar feeling of infatuation come over me when I first laid my eyes on this sci-fi thriller, Dark Matter.  And is it not just the best feeling in the world when you are rewarded with content inside the book that is even better than the amazing shell on the outside?!

I jump from genre to genre all the time, and I felt like I needed some science fiction in my life.  When I picked up Dark Matter though, I was not expecting this absolutely insane reading experience: the kind of experience where you are left breathless after every chapter,  where you find yourself contemplating all the life choices you have ever made.  Yes, Dark Matter is that kind of book, and it is so good.

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