The Thirteenth Tale

Diane Setterfield

Published September 2006

“I shall start at the beginning. Though of course, the beginning is never where you think it is.”

The Thirteenth Tale has been sitting on my bookshelf for entirely too long.  It was one of those books that kept popping up whenever I would peruse any second-hand bookstore.  I was of the strange opinion that if they had five or more copies of any book in stock, then it must not be good enough to encourage people to keep it.  The story was always there, when I least expected it, I would turn around, and there it was.  It was following me, whispering for me to bring it home, but for some reason I never bought it.  I think the cover may have turned me off initially (yes, I am a judger of covers, *GASP*)

Until finally, I did.  I brought that book home and read the shit out of it.

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