Countryside: The Book of the Wise

J.T. Cope IV

Published August 14th, 2014 by Tiner Publishers

Countryside #1

23058600It is interesting that when I was young enough to be classified as a middle-grade reader, I hardly ever read anything at that age level.  Now as an adult, I have been reading less adult fiction than ever before, and instead exploring the young adult and middle grade genres more and more.

When J.T. Cope IV, the author of the Countryside series, contacted me and asked me if I would be interested in reviewing his books, I jumped at the chance.  You all know how much of a sucker I am for good covers, and after seeing pictures of the series floating around on #bookstagram, my interest was piqued.  Props to your cover designers Mr. Cope, they did their job well! Continue reading “Countryside: The Book of the Wise”

The Booksta Mentality: Candle Edition!

photo-sep-13-09-35-47I have been a part of #bookstagram since April of this year, and for being a relative newbie, have noticed that there are some general themes of the book community that deserve a closer look.  I thought it would be interesting to informally analyze the “mob mentality” of bookstagram (and other bookish social media outlets) from a hopefully unbiased point of view; thus my new series The Booksta Mentality was born!  There are going to be several things that I want to open for discussion over the course of a few months, but first and foremost: let’s talk candles.

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Deer Tales Giveaway!

I recently hit 2000+ followers on my bookstagram, so I wanted to put together a specialimg_4329 giveaway to thank everyone!  I really love this community and speaking constantly about books is my passion.  I can honestly say that bookstagram and blogging have pulled me out of a depression I found myself slipping into earlier this year.

I have made so many legitimate friends through this outlet, as well as the joy it brings me to interact with fellow book lovers, dragons and worms every day.  So, really, this is just a thank you.

So enough with the mushy nonsense, here is what you can win!

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