Red Rising

Pierce Brown

Published January 2014

Red Rising #1

red risingSo, some of my bookstagram followers may already know this story, but for the sake of this post I am going to tell it again.

My wonderful father listens to a lot of audio books.  Out of the 60 books that I read a year, he listens to 60.  It is absolutely insane how he finds the time to listen to so many books, but I love it.  It has taught me that readers come in all forms: there are no specifications or qualifications to be an avid reader, only the love of books in general.

Recently, he listened to the entire Red Rising Trilogy by Pierce Brown, and told me that it was one of his favorite series ever.  I thought that this statement spoke volumes: I mean, damn, on his audible account alone there has got to be at least 30 different series.  He was actually so excited about it and wanted to share the experience with me, that he bought me the hardback of Red Rising, shipped it to me via Amazon Prime so I received it in two days, then promptly began to accost me with text messages and snap chats wondering if I had started and where I was in the story.img_3649

I’m not lying.  Accost. Anyways, I finished Red Rising in two and a half days and loved it.  Commence the *mostly spoiler free* review! Continue reading “Red Rising”


Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff

Published October 2015
Illuminae Files #1



I know everyone has seen the hype.  Everyone has seen the random pictures scattered throughout bookstagram of the cover, of the slip cover, of the super unique black pages, of the set up.  I am wary of hype, but this lives up to it.  Illuminae is one of the more unique books that I have ever read, and certainly moves up into the favorite spots of 2016.

Do y’all really need a summary?  I will put one here for coherency purposes then.  😉

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The Love That Split The World

Emily Henry

Published February 2016

I received The Love That Split The World in my February OwlCrate box, and was super excited about it because I had been ogling it on Instagram for a month.  I love OwlCrate, not only for the bookish items I receive, but also because they put books in my hands that I normally would not have picked up or bought.  BUTTT, I will gush about OwlCrate in a separate post, here I am going to gush about TLTSTW.
This is a book that crawls into your soul and sits there.  I have thought constantly about it since I turned the last page over two weeks ago.  It should also be noted that as an adult, it has become harder and harder for me to marathon books.  I’m not a young’n like I once was; gone are the nights of no sleep to finish a book, you know, with work in the morning.  But, I finished this in a single weekend. So, there’s that. 

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The Fall

 R.J. Pineiro

Published July 2015

The Fall is a sci-fi thriller that came into my hands after my dad had listened to the Audible version, and loved it.  He promptly bought me the book in hopes that a physical copy would entice me to move it up on my TBR list, and then we could discuss; you know, like most father-daughter relationships.  That was very sweet of him but I think he grossly underestimated my pile of books waiting to be read, for here we are, 7 months later, and I am finally moving this from the “currently reading” category to the “2 star” shelf. Continue reading “The Fall”