Freedom Matthews

Published July 2016

Curses of VIII #1

27991136I received Inherited in my July Fairy Loot box, and once I had this book in my hands, I had to read it instead of tossing it into my TBR pile.

First and foremost, this cover is entrancing.  I am a sucker for a great cover, and for some reason, this one is mesmerizing.  I also cannot stop touching it.  I know that you can’t tell because this is simply a picture which cannot break the boundaries of texture, but the cover is this matte type material and its so unique!  Look at me dedicating an entire paragraph to the cover of a book, but I can’t help it guys!

Secondly, I have NEVER read a fictional book about pirates (yes, I actually have read pirate hunting non-fiction books) so, I was curious to see what the life of a pirate entailed.

If saying ‘I love you’ meant death, would you still say it?
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July OwlCrate Unboxing!

img_4322Good Lord, I know, this is incredibly late.  I was going to write a paragraph long excuse as to why, but then I decided to just cut straight to the point and say that I am a unique and special snowflake, and didn’t want to post my unboxing when everyone else was.  One thing leads to another and two weeks pass and well, here we are.

The theme for the July box was “Good vs. Evil”.  This is one of the more ambitious and unique boxes that OwlCrate has put together, and in my personal opinion, it really paid off.  There were two separate boxes that were sent out, one themed good, and the other with evil type items.  No one knew what box they were receiving, which made the anticipation so much more fun.  Even with checking out all of the spoilers on Instagram I still didn’t know exactly WHAT I was going to get, which is always fun and stressful for people with anxiety… like myself.

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This Savage Song

Victoria Schwab

Published July 2016

Monsters of Verity #1

23299512I was extremely excited to receive This Savage Song in the July OwlCrate box!  I had seen some really great reviews about the book already floating around on Goodreads, and thought this would be a perfect book to get me out of my book subscription box slump.  You see, I have a horrible pattern of opening up my book sub boxes, squealing and fangirling, taking pictures of my brand new shiny things, and then throwing the featured book in my endless TBR pile and not actually reading it.  Whoops.

So, I have decided to break the cycle.  I picked up This Savage Song last week (which is also my first Victoria Schwab book, forgive me!),  and other than a few minor things, I really enjoyed it!

I liked it even more when I discovered this is actually a duology, I have a weird and unexplainable soft spot for a two book series.

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July FairyLoot Unboxing!

Before I even start with all of the unboxing pictures and raving about the fantastic items that were contained inside the July Fairy Loot box, I want to start by saying that this month’s box was one of the better subscription boxes I have ever received.  EVER.  While I always feel a bit hesitant ordering international boxes because of the shipping costs, the curation of the July Pirates and Power box topples any doubts I may have had.

img_4010When I posted my review of the May Fairy Loot box, I tried to break down the contents by price, just so I could see that the cost of the box including shipping was worth me continuing to purchase this subscription.  As I said earlier, I believe that this box was so well put together that I wouldn’t mind whether or not the value of the box was above and beyond what I paid for it.  However, for the benefit of anyone on the fence about internationally ordering a Fairy Loot box, I will continue the tradition of assigning a monetary value to each item included in the box.


And with all of that being said, I present the July Fairy Loot: Pirates and Power!

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June OwlCrate Unboxing!

I swear, every month the latest OwlCrate box becomes my new favorite, and June’s Royalty box is no exception.  I also feel like they are shipping out the boxes earlier and earlier, and this makes me a happy bookworm, because I am not good at waiting.

If you have ever read my subscription box reviews, I assign a monetary value to the items that are included in international boxes, since it is harder to decide if the value of the box will outweigh the shipping costs.  However, in the case of my OwlCrate reviews,  I don’t feel that is necessary as the box is already reasonably priced and I find value in the experience of the unboxing and the bookstagram community.  So, without further ado, I present the June OwlCrate box: Royalty!

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May FairyLoot Unboxing!


fairylootI know, I know: I have a problem.  I have a problem with subscription boxes, and if there was an addicted anonymous meeting for sub boxes, maybe I should attend.  But to the best of my knowledge, there is no such meeting, so I find myself with a lovely Fairy Loot sitting in front of me.

Fairy Loot is a fairly new (see what I did there?) book subscription box based out of the UK.  With me living in the United States, I weighed the options of trying this one out pretty heavily, as shipping is expensive, takes quite a while, and overall is just a giant pain in the butt.  But when the May theme was announced as being “High Fantasy”, oh boy, I was in-like-Flynn.  I love fantasy!  Also, as an added bonus, Fairy Loot differs from other subscription boxes in that each month is purchased separately, unless you buy a three or six month subscription all at once.  There is no ‘subscribe and automatically renew’ feature, so if you purchase a box and don’t like it, there is no long term commitment for you.

Unlike my OwlCrate reviews, I will try to put a price value to everything included in the box, just because with shipping added, it is more of an investment than the other book subscription boxes out there for me personally.  This is in no way to discourage or prevent anyone from ordering Fairy Loot, but to just help if anyone else is on the fence about getting one, just like I was.

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April OwlCrate Unboxing!

I love, love, love subscription boxes.  I remember last summer when I first started stalking bookstagram accounts, I was seeing OwlCrate boxes randomly show up on my feed…and I thought to myself, “I need that in my life”.

I signed up for their waiting list, which I was on for a solid month and a half before I received that glorious email: Subscribe Now!  And subscribe I did.

The greatest thing about subscription boxes (bookish and non-bookish), is that every month is like a mini Christmas present, or a birthday treat.  Even if not everything in the box is to your liking, you can always find someone else that you can re-gift to.  But since this is specifically about OwlCrate, and it is my first post on such items, I want to briefly highlight what I like most about this wonderful company:

  1. I have been subjected to several books I would never have picked up on my own, and that I would classify as being ‘outside of my comfort zone’.  Whether or not I have enjoyed all of them is irrelevant.  It is about broadening my reading horizons, and I love this.
  2. Bookish merch for #bookstagram photos.  ‘Nuff said.
  3.  Letters from the authors of the book featured.  This is probably my favorite part about the box.  They feel so much more personalized and put together.  It makes my heart happy to be reminded that there are real people who put together these books and boxes.

So without further ado, I present the April OwlCrate box: dystopia!

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