The Unexpected Everything

Morgan Matson

Published May 2016

17838528I totally gave into the bookstagram hype on this book.  There were several contributing factors to jumping aboard the hype train, and I shall list them below:

  1. This may be one of the more photogenic books I have encountered.  Every single picture this book is featured in is beautiful.
  2. Dogs. Wow. Look at all these dogs!  I love dogs, and there are dogs all over this cover so can I assume this book is about dogs!?
  3. I haven’t read a summer contemporary for as long as I can remember, and this seems like a perfect read to kick off the summer!

Once I started The Unexpected Everything, it took me a whopping 2 ½ days to finish it.  Being an adult and working a full time job, I think this says a lot about how addictive this story is!

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