September Wrap-Up: The Month of New Releases

I had a pretty decent reading month in September, especially when you consider the size of some of the books that I finished!

I really tried to focus on new releases, since September was overflowing with them.  I had this grand plan and vision of keeping up with all the books that I had preordered, and unfortunately, that plan did not come to fruition.  But!  October, November, and December are sparse with the new releases that I am actually planning on reading, so hopefully I can use the time to catch up.

So, putting my nonsensical rambling aside, let me share with you the books that I completed in September!

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May Wrap Up – 10 books, hell yea!

I had a really good reading month in May, so I wanted to share it with you all no matter how late it is!

img_1110I thought that I was going to be in a slump after finishing ACOWAR, but since that book left me, unfortunately, under whelmed, I was able to plow through some of my TBR pile!  Also, as I probably mentioned in last month’s wrap up, since discovering I can read in the bath, I have been able to finish 3-4 more books on average every month.  (I am going to surmise it is because bath time is when the boyfriend cannot interrupt me and throw off my reading groove – thus, more efficient reading time!)

So, without further ado, check out this impressive list!

  • A Court of Wings and Ruin3.5 stars – YES I DID SAY 3.5 STARS AND IT HURTS IT HURTS (check out my very lengthy review HERE)
  • Redwall3 stars – it was fun to revisit the world of Redwall, but I also realized some books are better left as fond memories.  Although, good lord do I need a recipe book from this world.
  • Dogs of War3 stars – I have been a fan of the Joe Ledger books for quite a while, and I absolutely love the audio books for this series, but the most recent release was lacking in creativity and the usual spunk that I have come to love.
  • Norse Mythology4 starsnorse mythology
  • Kiss of Deception3 stars
  • Heart of Betrayal4 stars – I liked this book better than the first in the series, the world building was amazing! I thought Venda was an incredible city and I really enjoyed Lia’s character development.  However, I can’t stand that this is a hard-core love triangle.  I really dislike love triangles *insert epic eye roll here*
  • Kingdom of Oceana 3 stars (check out my review HERE)
  • Hunted 5 stars – definitely my favorite read of the month, I am increasingly obsessed with Russian inspired fantasy.  If anyone has other suggestions in this specific niche, please let me know!
  • Once and For All4 Stars – I was totally surprised by this book and really enjoyed it!  (check out my review HERE)
  • A Rule Against Murder4 stars – Good lord I love this series so much.  Totally character driven, totally worth it.

may 2017 wrap up

And that’s it!  I finished my last book like four days ago but I just couldn’t bring myself to pick up another.  Ten books is plenty in a month, anything else is just overkill in my book.

So, how was your reading month?  Let me know in the comments!

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April Wrap Up & Haul

Another late wrap up and haul post!  But still, I will not be stopped in putting up some pretty pictures of books I read and acquired in the month of April, so let’s get to it!

Wrap Up

I was a reading machine in April!  I really discovered how much I enjoy taking baths, and have since discovered that by reading in the tub, I can knock out an extra three books a month. Plus, I was speed reading ACOTAR and ACOMAF in preparation for A Court of Wings and Ruin (thank god I did that), so that padded my April list as well.

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March Wrap Up & Haul!

img_9682THIS IS SO LATE AND IT’S EMBARRASSING!  But, I still wanted to post about the books that I read and acquired in March, so I just went for it… 14 days late.  But come on, who doesn’t love looking at a good stack of books no matter what time of the month it is?

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February Wrap Up & Haul!

For being the shortest month of the year, February dragged on and on for me.  It started out on a bad note with me being sick, and then all of a sudden, I wasn’t in the mood to read at all.  img_9104Instead, I spent most of my nights watching my boyfriend play video games, and messing around on my iPad.

At first, I felt guilty about it: so many books to read, so little time right!?  But its okay to have sub par reading months, just as its okay to have amazing reading months.  This is a past time, a pleasure hobby, not a job.  I can read as much or as little as I want; it’s my time and I certainly am not getting paid to read and review books.

Anyways, I just wanted to go on that mini rant and let anyone know that if they are feeling down on themselves for being in a reading slump, everything is going to be okay.  Sometimes we need a little break.

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January Wrap Up & Haul

I am aware this is a mildly late January recap post, but it has been so long since I have shared my wrap ups and hauls that I thought it would be fun to get back into it! Plus, I had a really good reading month so I wanted to brag a little bit. (Hey, I guess being sick did have its perks – lots of reading time!)

Wrap Up: 

Nuts to You – I really wanted to start the new year with a book that I could finish quickly, and has been on my shelves for a long time. I grabbed this little middle grade read off my shelf and it was exactly what I was looking for. Was it an earth shattering, life changing read? No. But it was cute and fun and the squirrel drawings were adorable. 3.5 stars!

The Song Rising – this was one of my first successful buddy reads, and I had so much fun flailing / panicking every 15 minutes with Milana from @acouplereads! Another amazing installment to one of my favorite series, although I will admit this book had a decidedly darker feel than the previous two. 4.5 stars!

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September Wrap Up!

Considering how much Empire of Storms destroyed my life, I had a really good reading month in September!  I read six books, and listened to one, which is above average for me.  I think after I finished EoS, I just kept grabbing books, trying to devour everything in sight to erase/drown my feelings in.  (For the record, this certainly increased my reading count in September, but was not successful in erasing the feelings).

I even managed to review 5 of the 6 books I read, so the full posts are linked if you are interested!

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July Haul and Wrap Up!

A combo post?! *GASP* But you see, I have my reasons, which I will list here.

  1. I didn’t haul an enormous amount of books like I did last month, so it wasn’t deserving of its own post.
  2. I am incredible at the art of procrastination, and it seems that if I make two separate posts, my July Wrap Up won’t be posted until September 15th or something ridiculous like that.
  3. It’s my blog and I can do what I want.

img_3974I told my boyfriend on June 30th, that I didn’t want to buy more than 5 books in July.  Because, well, I have run out of bookshelf space and am now stacking books underneath the window on my side of the bed.  He laughed at me, said there was NO way I was only going to be able to buy 5 books.  And so we started negotiating.  He said any book that came in a subscription box counted.  I countered with a “no way José, I’m not choosing the book, and book boxes are about the experience anyway”.  Anyways, to summarize a two-week ongoing argument: he won.

So here is my meager July Haul, which I am actually kind of proud of!  Not pictured is Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, because I took this picture before I went to the midnight party naturally.  Yes, I am aware it is more than 5 books, but not much more!  I think I was pretty well-behaved with book buying.

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May Wrap Up!

May was a weird month, and I know I’ve been semi absent, but I am going to do way better next month about keeping up with this!  It’s hard as an adult, with a 9-5 job, to do all the things every day that I NEED to do, and then all the things that I want to do….. some stuff just gets left in the dust with the idea of “tomorrow I will get to it”.

So without further ado, and mostly because I need to cease my rambling, here is my May 2016 book wrap up!

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