Using the same quotation a second time?

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Can you use the same quote twice?

The MLA Style Center

If you quote from a work and provide an in-text citation at first mention, you usually do not have to provide an in-text citation at subsequent mention as long as it is clear from your prose that you quoted the passage earlier in your essay.

How do you quote the same source twice?

How do I cite the same source many times?

  1. Use a shortened form of the citation. Let’s say you wrote a footnote (or endnote) for this book after you quoted from page 32: …
  2. Cite the page number in the text. …
  3. Use an abbreviation. …
  4. Use ibid.

How do you quote someone a second time?

The second and subsequent time you use a parenthetical citation, you will still give the full in-text citation (Author’s last name, year). Example: Using APA allows students to have consistency with other writings in their field of study (Grammer, 2013).

How do you cite a repeated phrase?

The MLA Style Center

For up-to-date guidance, see the ninth edition of the MLA Handbook. When citing a phrase that appears more than once in a work, give the page number of the first instance in the parenthetical reference: B. Venkat Mani’s latest work considers book circulation in terms of “bibliomigrancy” (145).

How do I put two quotes back to back?

For a direct quotation of two or more sentences with the attribution at the beginning of the first sentence, put a colon, not a comma, after the attribution and place the quotation in double quotation marks. She said: “The motorcycle slid sideways and skidded about 100 feet. The driver was killed.”

How do you use ibid?

If you consecutively cite the same source two or more times in a note (complete or shortened), you may use the word “Ibid” instead. Ibid is short for the Latin ibidem, which means “in the same place”. If you’re referencing the same source but different page, follow ‘Ibid’ with a comma and the new page number(s).

How often should you cite the same source?

Including just one citation at the end of a paragraph is not sufficient unless the last sentence is the only information in the paragraph that came from the cited source. Cite sources often and correctly throughout a paragraph in order to avoid unintentional plagiarism.

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What is an ibid reference?

“Shortened citations versus “ibid.” The abbreviation ibid. ( from ibidem, “in the same place”) usually refers to a single work cited in the note immediately preceding.

Does APA use ibid?

Ibid. is one of several topics not covered in the Publication Manual because it isn’t used in APA Style. Other styles that document sources with footnotes or endnotes use ibid. to point to a source that was cited in a preceding note.

Should I cite after every quote?

In order to make it clear that quoted or paraphrased information is not your own work, cite every quotation and every new instance of paraphrased information in your paragraphs.

Do you have to cite the same source after every sentence?

Instead, when paraphrasing a key point in more than one sentence within a paragraph, cite the source in the first sentence in which it is relevant and do not repeat the citation in subsequent sentences as long as the source remains clear and unchanged.

Do you have to put in-text citations after every sentence?

No. The citation should appear only after the final sentence of the paraphrase. If, however, it will be unclear to your reader where your source’s idea begins, include the author of the source in your prose rather than in a parenthetical citation. For example, the following is a paraphrase from an essay by Naomi S.

Do you need to repeat in-text citations APA?

Repeating a citation

Include the author(s) and year for every parenthetical in-text citation. Do not repeat the year for narrative in-text citations the second and subsequent times they appear in a single paragraph.

How do you cite the same source multiple times MLA?

In the Works Cited (Per the MLA Handbook (9th edition), p. 221: To cite two or more works by the same author, give the name in the first entry only. Thereafter, in place of the name, type three hyphens, followed by a period and the title. The three hyphens stand for exactly the same name as in the preceding entry.

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Do I need to cite after each sentence in a paragraph APA?

Answer. According to APA, if multiple consecutive sentences are using information from the same source, you should cite the source after the first sentence if the source and topic do not change.

How do I cite the same source multiple times in a paragraph APA?

Citing a source multiple times in one paragraph

Instead, introduce the author with a full in-text citation at the beginning of the paragraph and then, again, at the end. For the body of the paragraph, you can refer to the author by name or pronoun.

How do you cite the same source multiple times in APA 7th edition?

Citing Multiple Sources in the Same Parentheses

To do that, just include each set of authors and dates in your parentheses, in the same order they appear in your reference list (i.e. alphabetically), and separated by semicolons.

How do you cite multiple quotes from the same source Harvard?

If you wish to refer to more than one source which has the same viewpoint, list them together at the relevant point in the sentence, putting them in brackets with the author’s name, followed by the date of publication and separated by a semi-colon. The sources should be cited in alphabetical order in each list.

Can you use the same reference twice Harvard?

If you need to refer to two or more sources by the same author in different years, there is no need to keep repeating the author’s surname in the citation.

Can you use ibid twice in a row Harvard?

Ibid. Leeds Harvard does not use ibid to refer to previously cited items. If you are citing the same item twice in a row (i.e. you do not cite any other items in the text between the two citations) you must write the full citation again.

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Do you need to repeat in-text citations Harvard?

It is best practice when citing the same source throughout a single paragraph to cite it in the first sentence where it is used, and while the source remains clear and unchanged i.e. you don’t refer to another source, do not repeat the citation.

Do I need to cite a source twice?

Appropriate level of citation

Instead, when paraphrasing a key point in more than one sentence within a paragraph, cite the source in the first sentence in which it is relevant and do not repeat the citation in subsequent sentences as long as the source remains clear and unchanged.

What does ibid mean in Harvard referencing?

in the same place

Ibid. is Latin for ibidem, which means ‘in the same place‘. You can use ibid. when your next citation is the same as the last one. Op. cit. is also Latin and stands for opere citato, which means ‘in the work cited’.

Do you have to reference every sentence Harvard?

If you are paraphrasing from one source throughout a paragraph, don’t worry about putting a citation after every sentence. Putting a citation at the end of the paragraph is fine (there should be at least one citation at the end of each paragraph if the material is paraphrased).

How do you reference something that is already referenced Harvard?

Citing something that someone else has cited:

  1. Format – in-text citation. Author of the quote (Year, cited in Author of resource you have seen, year, page no.)
  2. In-text citation: Include the author and year of both texts, and the page of the citation you are quoting from. …
  3. Reference List.

Do all teachers follow the Harvard method of referencing?

All teachers follow the Harvard method of referencing. The Harvard system of referencing is also known as the ‘author-date’ method. Sources that you are acknowledging in a reference list should follow the order in which you used them to demonstrate the process you followed in creating your work.