What are the stages between publishing a book on KDP and producing an audiobook?

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How do I turn my book into an audiobook?

How to Turn Your Book into an Audiobook

  1. Work from a finished, edited manuscript. …
  2. Purchase the right audio equipment. …
  3. Prepare your studio space. …
  4. Set up a recording schedule. …
  5. Send the files to an audio editor. …
  6. Create a cover. …
  7. Upload your audiobook to ACX.

How do I make a Kindle book an audiobook?

To activate this feature, just open your Kindle book with Kindle app. Books that have a matching audiobook will feature a headphones’ icon in the corner of the book cover. Then tap the text saying “Tap to Download” to download the Audible narration and tap the play icon to begin playing and reading the book together.

How does audiobook publishing work?

You find a narrator and pay them the full upfront fee for narrating our audiobook. ACX pays you 40% in royalties and you keep 100% of the royalties. The producer does not receive a share of royalties. With these two exclusive options, you are tied into a 7-year exclusivity contract with ACX.

Can you self publish an audiobook?

If you would prefer to do everything, it is possible to record your own audiobooks. You will need to create an audio file for your book by narrating your audiobook yourself. Once you have your book audio recorded, you can then self-publish it.

How much does it cost to get a book turned into an audiobook?

How much does it cost to make an audiobook? An average audiobook created with Findaway Voices has about 50,000 words and costs between $1,000 and $2,000. We can estimate the cost of your audiobook by multiplying a per finished hour narrator rate with the estimated length of your finished recording.

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How much money does an audiobook narrator make?

How Much Does an Audiobook Narrator Make? A voice actor in a union can make about $100-$200 an hour to record an audiobook. Depending on the gig and a host of other factors, compensation will vary per person and per job.

Can any Kindle book be audio?

Amazon Audible is integrated into all Kindles that can read audiobooks. Look for the Audible tab in the Kindle store to browse through thousands of available titles. If you download a book with Audible support, you’ll have the option to add professional narration for a discounted price.

How can I tell if a Kindle book has audio?

And then you go all the way over here to the 1. 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9. Choice books with narration and it brings you to the Kindle books with narration.

Is there an app to turn books into audiobooks?

Speechify is an intelligent text-to-speech audio-reader that turns your reading material into interactive audiobooks so that you can save time, retain more information, and stay focused.

Do authors get paid for Audible?

Audible never pays authors the stated “royalty” rate. Instead, they base the “royalty” on “Net Sales,” a number so heavily manipulated by Audible, that these “Net Sales” adjustments amount to a 50% deduction from the retail selling price. This is the figure upon which authors’ share of the sale is calculated.

How long does it take to produce an audiobook?

Know the averages. The average audiobook is 100,000 words, or about 11 hours long (55 words a minute, 9300 per finished hour). It takes four to six hours to produce one hour of completed audio, or 44-66 hours per book. Average sale prices vary by length.

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Are audiobooks profitable?

Audiobooks are a profitable industry. According to a recent study conducted by Pew Research, almost 20 percent of Americans listen to audiobooks. Because the cost to convert a book into an audiobook is low, the profit margin for audiobooks is on the higher side. 2.

How are audio books sold?

The top five platforms to sell your audiobook are listed below. Audible is by far the leader in the market for selling audiobooks. The platform has over 41 percent of the audiobook market. Avocado Audio allows you upload your audiobook on your own terms, with your preferred price.

Do audiobooks sell better than ebooks?

Based on the average ebook price and average paperback price, the monthly sales will be $720 for ebook and $2160 for paperback book. Based on information from CreativIndie, the average audiobook sales are $100 to $200 per month.

Is Amazon Audible profitable?

Audible Audiobook – Unabridged. Audiobooks are a $2-billion-a-year industry that is growing at an explosive rate. If you’re a traditional or self-published author, now is the perfect time for you to profit from this lucrative industry by turning your Kindle, paperback, or hardcover book into an audiobook.

How much can you make selling audiobooks on Audible?

You might earn $2-4 for each audiobook sold, so you can see it could take a while for the audiobook to start earning a profit.

Is there a market for audio books?

According to a study conducted by Edison Research, an estimated 45% of the US population listened to an audiobook in 2020, down from the 50% that listened in 2019. The most recent consumer survey by the APA recorded 46% of consumers listened to an audiobook from March 2020 to March 2021.

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How do you get paid from Amazon audible?


  1. Promote a 30-day free trial of Audible with your own custom URL.
  2. Listeners go to an Audible trial landing page.
  3. Earn a $15 commission for each trial you generate.
  4. Your listeners will enjoy a free audiobook.

How do Audible books make money?

But trust me in the long run this will pay off huge because you're gonna make way more money because it'll rank higher you'll get way more sales. If it's five hours or more long it just adds way more

How do you make passive income on audiobooks?

And sell their actual books and then finally and I forgot to actually. Put this one out there because it's probably the most important one but you can make a lot of money.

How many audiobooks are on Audible?

There are over 200,000 audiobooks on Audible, many of which are classics or bestsellers.

Is Audible owned by Amazon?

Audible, owned by Amazon Inc., has the largest catalog of audio books in the world.

Is Audible and audiobooks the same?

Audiobooks.com Summary. Audible and Audiobooks’ key differences are that Audible offers a better returns policy and audio quality, more original titles, and a yearly subscription discount. Otherwise, the services are identical, the price, apps, and audiobook library are excellent for both.