What factors in fiction arouse readers’ expectations?

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What factors in fiction arouse readers’ expectations?

  • Character desire. If I put a desire into a character’s mind (or words, or actions), readers expect the story to resolve the desire.
  • Character speculation. …
  • Character motivation. …
  • Cause and effect. …
  • Textual weight. …
  • Genre.

What makes fiction enticing to readers?

Curiosity leads to anticipation which leads to the need to find out what’s going to happen. If you keep leading your reader, he will stay with you and your characters to the end. And that’s the point of writing enticing fiction—to keep readers turning the page until they reach the final one.

What are the factors of fiction?

Characters, setting, plot, conflict, point of view, and theme are six key elements for writing fiction. Characters are the people, animals, or aliens in the story. Readers come to know the characters through what they say, what they think, and how they act.

What are expectations for readers?

Reader Expectations

  • Papers should exhibit a tone that is appropriate for the intended audience. …
  • Sentence lengths and structures should be varied.
  • Papers should be tight–not wordy.
  • Papers should employ strong active verbs. …
  • Papers should be clear. …
  • Papers should abide by the specific stylistic conventions of the field.

What are genre expectations?

Genre expectations are basic ideas about a book’s premise that you can ascribe to, based solely on knowledge of genre. Not all of these ideas are going to be correct, some of them are most certainly going to be wrong.

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What are 5 characteristics of fiction?

There are five main elements of fiction to be found in (nearly) every piece of fiction: plot, setting characters, narrative perspective, and theme.

What are the 5 elements of fiction?