What is the best way to use your favorite authors as inspiration without plagiarism?

Asked by: Brian Gonzalez

Can you copy a plot of a story?

Under U.S. Copyright law, in its broader outline, a plot is never copyrightable. There can be no copyright in a movie’s general themes, motives, ideas, or “scenes a faire”.

Is it plagiarism if you copy ideas?

or if I Use Their Actual Words? The answer is simple: It’s both. Regardless of where you look, the definition of plagiarism clearly includes both ideas and expression. Merriam-Webster defines plagiarism as “to steal and pass off (the ideas or words of another) as one’s own.

How do you copy a story without plagiarizing?

If you wish to directly copy and paste the original text into your paper, the safest way to do this without plagiarizing the work is to put the text within quotation marks. Quoting means that you acknowledge that the ideas do not belong to you.

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