What things should one highlight as good in beta reading feedback?

Asked by: Bill Tucker

What makes a good beta reader?

Be brutally honest

At the same time, you’re not doing your author any favors by hiding negative criticism. You are involved in this process to make sure YOU catch flaws with the novel — not the agents/editors. Authors usually don’t get second chances with agents, editors, or if self-publishing, the end reader.

How do you use beta reader feedback?

Here’s a basic formula for instructions:

  1. Have betas comment with their thoughts or take notes as they read, even if it’s to say, “Ooh, I like this” or to make predictions about what will happen next. …
  2. Specify what kind of feedback you’re looking for. …
  3. Ask them to focus on certain aspects of your book.

What should I ask a beta reader?

6 Key Questions to Ask Your Beta Readers

  • Do the first 10 pages make you want to keep reading? If not, what is the problem?
  • Do you find yourself skipping pages?
  • Are you confused at any point in the story?
  • How do you relate to the characters?
  • Do you know what genre you’re reading?
  • Do you find satisfaction in the ending?

How do you deal with beta readers?

Let’s take a look at the four basic steps involved in working with beta readers.

  1. Prepare your manuscript for beta readers. The first thing to remember about the beta reading process is that it’s not for first drafts. …
  2. Provide readers with guidelines and a timeframe. …
  3. Wait for feedback. …
  4. Process feedback and implement changes.
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What is expected from a beta reader?

A beta reader provides advice and comments in the opinions of an average reader. This feedback is used by the writer to fix remaining issues with plot, pacing, and consistency.

How do you become a professional beta reader?

To qualify as a beta reader, you don’t need a lot because you won’t provide professional feedback to authors. By simply having a Bachelor’s degree and attending some workshops in literary criticism, you can easily apply for a beta reading job.

Do authors use beta readers?

Most people use a variety of beta readers—writers and non-writers. Whenever 92 people respond to a question, there’s bound to be a spectrum of experience and opinion. However, responses to this particular question fell into three clear camps.

How do I get feedback for my book?

5 Ways to Get Early Feedback on Your Book Idea or Manuscript

  1. Blog Your Book.
  2. Blog on the Topic of Your Book.
  3. Ask Beta Readers for Feedback.
  4. Use Your Manuscript as the Text for a Course.
  5. Use a Course as the Basis of a Book.

Did JK Rowling use beta readers?

Not even the much-admired JK Rowling can write alone. She has beta readers and, most importantly, an editor or even several — just like every other major novel in print — to help her deliver books that are engaging and satisfying from start to finish, with a minimum of problems readers will be asked to overlook.

Where can I find trustworthy beta readers?

Some great places to look for beta readers online include:

  • Goodreads Beta Reader Group.
  • Beta Readers & Critiques.
  • Critique Circle.
  • Critters Speculative Writers Workshop.
  • Indie Author Group.
  • My Writers Circle.
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Do beta readers get paid?

Do You Pay Beta Readers? Most beta readers are not paid for their services. However, you should send your beta readers a free copy of your finished book, whether in the form of a hardcover or an eBook. It’s also a nice gesture to autograph the copy.

When would you use a beta reader?

Get Beta Readers When You Finish Your First Draft

Your story is fresh in your memory, so it makes sense to get beta readers to read it before making major changes. Also, once you’ve completed your first draft, you can get beta readers to evaluate the entire narrative arc of your story.

Do you really need beta readers?

Conclusion. Beta readers aren’t necessary, but they can be extremely valuable particularly if you both know what you want to get from the experience.