Where can I find resources about writing “Choose your own adventure”-style books?

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How do I write my own Choose Your Own Adventure book?

Forks in the road. The fun part of writing a choose-your-own-adventure story is deciding when the reader gets to make a decision and what kind of choices to provide. Your story should begin with enough background, setting, action, and peripheral characters to allow your reader to both enjoy and understand it.

How do you format a Choose Your Own Adventure story?

And so without further ado, here’s how to not completely fail at writing a CYOA:

  1. Make a chart for yourself. …
  2. Take it easy on the deaths. …
  3. Drop hints at other plotlines. …
  4. You can write garbage, so long as you pack the right twists. …
  5. Plotline interconnectivity is your friend. …
  6. Changes are fiendishly hard to make later on.

Are Choose Your Own Adventure books still being published?

Over 250 million books were printed in 38 languages, making Choose Your Own Adventure the fourth bestselling children’s book series of all time. The series went out of print between 1999-2004, when Montgomery formed Chooseco to restore the gamebook series to print and expand into new media.

What is a CYOA?

Gamebook (also CYOA), a work of printed fiction that allows the reader to participate in the story.

How do you make a choose your own adventure online?

How to Create Online Choose Your Own Adventure Games

  1. Text Adventures. Text Adventures actually has 3 different options to create choose-your-own-adventure games. …
  2. Google Slides. Hyperlink Google Slides to other Google Slides to create a choose-your-own-adventure. …
  3. Twine.
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Who owns Choose Your Own Adventure?

Chooseco LLC is an American publishing company based in Waitsfield, Vermont. Founded in 2003 by author R. A. Montgomery and publisher Shannon Gilligan, the company primarily releases reissues of Montgomery’s Choose Your Own Adventure series of gamebooks.

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